“Providing Internet access throughout the complex has given a lifeline to our heroes”

The Help for Heroes Rehabilitation Complex at DMRC Headley Court

The Help for Heroes Rehabilitation Complex at DMRC Headley Court provides facilities for the wounded servicemen and women fighting in our armed services.


Suffering from fragmented wireless access using slow Internet connections meant that the complex was not providing the best facilities to those that deserved them.

"Frequent disconnection and slow speeds were a daily reality."

DMRC Headley Court


Microsoft partner, Bleckfield, conducted a full wireless site survey and came up with a fully integrated solution.

The first target was to provide comprehensive wireless coverage throughout the sprawling grounds. After the site survey was carried out, cabling contractors were brought in to run fibre optic and category 5e cabling into all the buildings.

The networking equipment manufacturer Netgear was chosen to provide the necessary infrastructure including switches, wireless controllers and the access points. This provided the necessary coverage with ease of management.

The next target was to improve the terrible internet speeds. After interviewing various providers, Virgin Media was chosen to provide a 100 Mbps leased line into the main building.

The final requirement was to provide secure access so that just people with service IDs could use the connection. Bleckfield modified an off the shelf product which allows a user limited access with their ID until relevant staff approve them.

"Everyone now has fast access to the Internet – everywhere!"

Customer’s Favourite Features


Virgin provide an SLA and proactive service on the high speed Internet line.

Integrated secure access solution

Support and management services from IT partner, Bleckfield, provides additional security through regular patching and remote assistance without need for in-house resources

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