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1. Do we have to call a premium rate number to get support ?

Fortunately, we do not have a premium rate number. We have a local-rate number for all Support Calls.

2. What is classed as a support call ?

Any issue with the IT infrastructure that prevents you from carrying out your regular operations. For example, outlook crashing or your PC not booting up. Installation of new software or new hardware would not be classed as a service call. However, these services are offered to you at a reduced rate.

3. I want to set up a new feature within my software package. Would this be covered ?

We are happy to advise on how to set up features. Or if you would prefer us to carry out the specific task on a one-off basis, we can do so at a reduced rate.

4. Will you try for ages to fix things on the phone rather than sending an engineer out ?

We deal with issues on a common sense basis. We can very quickly tell whether or not the problem is serious or not and how it will affect the individual and their work. We do install 'remote access' to the computers so that if a problem occurs then we determine issue is immediately without spending a long time with you on the telephone. A decision is then made on whether it would be more efficient to send an engineer out on site as soon as possible or to fix remotely.

5. Does this disable the machine ?

Everything that is done in the remote control session is seen by the user. Only one person, the user or the support analyst, can use the machine. This means that whilst the issue is being resolved remotely the user will not be able to continue working on it. This would be the same if an engineer was on site fixing the computer and should be thought of as a ‘virtual’ engineer.

6. We have a software package with a 3rd party does this cover liaison with them and related problems ?

We are always happy to liaise with 3rd party companies and find that support issues are resolved faster that way. It also means that we build a support database for that product so future problems with the software do not require calls to the supplier.

7. Do you perform a quarterly preventative maintenance and service call-out?

We do a daily health check on all servers you have as these are the most critical computers in any organisation. We can additionally arrange for a regular visit by an engineer on a schedule to suit you.

8. Our anti virus license has just run out. Can you renew it for us ?

As we provide hardware and software procurement, this is not a problem. We also offer professional advice on the latest products and technology to help keep your business up to date.

9. Can cover include my home PC ?

No problem. As long as we can provide you support during normal hours then any ‘additional’ computers can be included.

10. The back up system is vital for us. Will you tell us if the backup failed ?

We will agree from the outset whether you want to know if the backup failed every time or just the first time (i.e. if it fails two consecutive days).

11. As a Premium Care support customer, what other benefits am I entitled to ?

As Premium Care customer, you are entitled to preferential rates for all non-support work, installation, and consultancy services. We can also offer discounted prices on all hardware and software products.

12. What are your payment terms ?

You can either pay by Standing Order on a monthly basis, quarterly - 1 month in advance, or annually by invoice. We generally give our Premium Care customers 30 days credit on all hardware, software, and non-support

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