Sharepoint Online on the Mac

Our office is predominantly PC based, but we do have added a Mac mini recently in order better support our customers.
What has become apparent very quickly is that the integration between OS X and more

Compulsory reading for employees!

When we get a phone call from a customer that has clicked on an email containing a link to a virus, how can we stop this happening again? The actual answer is simple, user education. more

Spyware continuing to cause problems….

Over the years we have seen a steady trend of clients computers getting infected with malicious software. Up until recently we knew that it would take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to safely clean up an infected machine. more

Ebay collections

From time to time we buy and sell items on ebay. Sometimes the seller doesn’t want to organise the shipping themselves and so we came across a site called Shiply. more