Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Office 365 Setup

Our first experience of Sony’s new handset has been mixed.
The phone looks great but setting it up for business is less straight forward.

Ordinarily, to setup an android handset with Office 365 Exchange Online, you would simply choose new account and tell it Microsoft Exchange as the account type. Pop in your email address and password and away you go.
At least that is the case for many HTC/Samsung phones and even Apple handsets.
But if you dare to want your contacts and calendars syncing with a Sony Xperia then you have to set it up manually.

We spoke to both Sony and EE to confirm and both were clueless. The first call to Sony said we had to set up a Google Mail account and sync with that first. EE didn’t know how to do it and put us through to Sony again who said that it was the providers fault. That is right Sony said it was Microsoft’s problem.

Anyway, enough of the background. Here are the steps to achieve what they said couldn’t be done:

1. Go to settings
2. Go to Accounts
3. Go to Add Account
4. Exchange Active Sync
5. Enter your email address choose next
6. Enter password BUT hit the Manual Setup option
7. In the domain\username box put in your email address again.
8. In the server box put
9. Click Next then it confirm the details and Finish
10. The initial sync will possibly error requiring a security policy
11. Swipe down to get to the security request, tap it and accept it.